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Progressive National Baptist Convention Condemns Charlottesville Violence (UCNN 08/16/17)
August 17, 2017 Urban Christian News Network

1. PNBC PR - The Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) condemns the violence that took the life of Heather Heyer, and injured other anti-protestors who rallied against the “Unite the Right” march of the KKK, white supremacists, and white nationalists in Charlottesville, VA.

2. NYT - Two women injured during the right-wing extremist protest last weekend in Charlottesville, Va., filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking damages from the rally’s organizer and more than two dozen leaders, groups and websites affiliated with the self-proclaimed alt-right.

3. CP - A North Carolina pastor who is a descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee has said he believes his ancestor’s statues have become “a symbol of bigotry.”

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